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Providing Diesel Power Solutions for Commercial and Agricultural Applications

Searching for quality diesel engines and parts? Discover your partner in delivering efficient, reliable, diesel power and support — whether you are an OEM looking for diesel power units, or an enterprise looking for a turnkey power system!

We are an experienced industry leader in system design and Tier IV/ Stage V emissions compliance, specializing in FPT, John Deere, Kohler, Yanmar, & Lister Petter . We engineer & design power systems including prime power generators and emergency standby generators. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of average power products, and unreliable service that negatively impacts your bottom line!

Join hundreds of enterprises relying on our full-service and comprehensive support approach to diesel power solutions.

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If you’re an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), there are two choices key to your success! The right power unit for your line and the right supplier to help you design, supply, and support the power systems your product depends on!

We combine world-class technology solutions, such as Hi-eSCR Emission reduction and Automated Control Systems, with rugged design and customized design assistance for a wide range of applications. Our trained and experienced engineers will guide you through the Tier IV and Stage V emissions compliance maze to a high-performance solution.

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Off Grid/Prime

Off-grid operations come with their own set of unique needs in reliable prime power supply. Not all power systems are created equally. We understand that the last thing you need is a power supply headache impacting your schedule.

Our experts will help you design, source, install and support the diesel generator system that is right for you! We help you consider the full spectrum of the power demands of your enterprise, match the best power system to your needs, and identify the investment of best value. We’re beside you all the way!

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Standby Emergency Power

Peace of mind is important when it comes to finding an exceptional standby power source for your business. Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial business, or ag producer, you need a generator that you can trust when a storm leaves you sitting in the dark. You believe there should be a premium emergency generator on the market. We do too. You’ll love our emergency standby power solutions for agriculture, commercial, and industrial enterprise. We will keep you running.

HooverTec Service Area

Providing Diesel Engines for OEM Applications across the USA

We provide small-to-medium-sized OEM enterprises, nationwide, with diesel engine solutions. We also ship DynaQ® power products all across the USA. Based out of Lancaster County, PA, we serve you from three locations: New Holland, PA, Quarryville, PA, and Beaver Springs, PA. The service area for direct field service of OEM equipment currently includes the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, and Connecticut. This direct service area will expand as our dealer base expands nationwide.

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Servicing Off-Grid and Backup Power Systems in the mid-Atlantic Region

While we ship dependable off-grid and standby solutions across the nation, our technicians primarily service diesel engines and generators in the mid-Atlantic states from our New Holland and Quarryville locations in Lancaster County, PA and our Beaver Springs location in Snyder Co, PA. Our service area encompasses the cities of Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Reading, Hershey, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Allentown, Allensville, Aaronsburg, Beaver Springs, Belleville, Howard, Jersey Shore, Loganton, Mifflintown, Millerstown, Mill Creek, Mill Hall, Milroy, McClure, McAlisterville, Mount Pleasant Mills, Rebersburg, Reedsville, Richfield, Port Trevorteon, Spring Mills, Thompsontown, Williamsport, Woodward in PA; Hagerstown and Baltimore in MD; and Wilmington and Dover in DE. In some cases, we are more than happy to go beyond these regions to serve you. Not sure if we service your area? Please ask.

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