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Diesel-Powered Prime Electricity Generation for Off-Grid Applications

Prime power solutions for retail, manufacturing, industrial, agricultural applications, and more.

You can purchase a diesel generator assembled with standard components from almost anywhere, but is it up to the task? After four decades of experience in the rigorous demands of enterprise level prime power systems, we have created the perfect solution.

We offer a unique lineup of thoughtfully engineered Prime Power models in our own DynaQ® brand. Or we can custom tailor power solutions to your need. Our systems are designed to perform day-in and day-out under heavy, continuous and fluctuating loads. Regardless of your task or operational needs, these robust DynaQ® and custom-built diesel generators perform like a champ, keeping your worksite or location powered and on schedule.

Diesel-Powered Prime Electricity Generation for Off-Grid Applications
Customized engineering

Customized engineering for your application

Every application is unique. We work closely with you to create a power supply system tailored to your needs. Some examples of customized applications include:

  • Remote cooling modules that may be adjusted for optimum engine efficiency
  • Customized, integrated control systems
  • Telematic solutions for remote reporting, monitoring, and controlling.
  • Additional options available to power ancillary equipment (such as compressors and pumps)
Dual Power Systems

Dual Power Systems for Variable Load Balancing

Fluctuations in load draws have long been a challenge in the Prime Power industry. HooverTec engineers and installs the dual (or multiple) power systems utilizing variable load balancing technology that utilizes two or more generators in conjunction with control technology to optimize the load balance under almost any load for greater versatility and efficiency gains.

For example you may operate two generators side by side — one diesel generator for light load scenarios and a larger diesel generator to automatically take the load when a set load threshold is exceeded. Or you may need to manage peak demands by operating two (or more) generators in parallel until the load decreases.

Dual or multiple unit systems offer the additional peace of mind of a backup diesel powered generator already installed in the event of a failure or during a maintenance event.

monitor showing the Quick Response Time

Quick Response Time to Load Changes

DynaQ® diesel generators maintain a precise 60 hertz throughout load changes. This is valuable in protecting the life of the equipment you are powering and maintaining a power source that is steady. The digital control panel communicates with the engine’s ECU via J1939 CANBUS network to maintain isochronous performance, or some models use a mechanical governor rated to 3-5% droop.

Electric Control Panels

Engine and Equipment Display for Monitoring and Control

Our DynaQ® models, as well as our custom-built commercial diesel generators are controlled and monitored with a robust digital control system that provides engine protection shutdown. Large, easy-to-read LED display provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Fault codes are displayed along with fault messages and indicators, aiding in quick troubleshooting should there be diagnostics required.

Off Grid Turnkey Gensets

Turnkey Gensets with a host of options

Though our DynaQ® generators come in multiple sizes with many different configuration options, we can customize to fit your requirements, and deliver a turnkey solution!

Choose your ideal power package from our offering of generators with kilowatt ratings from 10 KW through 350 KW. Choose optimized cooling packages, remote cooling packages, and/or a variable speed cooling fan. We also offer waste Heat Recovery Systems or Cogeneration Systems with a Combined Heat and Power option.

Prime Genset

Prime Genset Maintenance

Consistent, preventive maintenance is essential to minimize disruptive breakdowns.

A complete engine service along with a comprehensive check of electrical connections, control systems, battery and charging system, can provide the desired dependable service you need.

Early detection of potential power system failures, will save dollars and minimize frustrations.