Diesel Irrigation Power Units

Need a diesel engine for irrigation?

Harness the power, efficiency, and reliability of advanced diesel engine technology for uninterrupted water flow to your crops.  Whether you have a direct-drive, portable, or PTO-driven water pump, HooverTec has an irrigation power unit to fit your needs. Keep reading to check out the power available to you.

Our DynaQ® product lineup is a dependable name for retailers and manufacturers of industrial irrigation systems. DynaQ® power units are custom-engineered with FPT diesel engines and are suitable for harsh environments, including constant-load irrigation systems.

DynaQ® power units are known for ease of maintenance and integration into many existing or new applications. Our experienced engineers and techs will guide you through the integration process so you can achieve reliable power unit operation. We offer dedicated support and unparalleled customer service at every level.

Efficient and Affordable!

That’s a great combination when you’re looking for a diesel irrigation power unit.

Advanced combustion technology means reduced emissions and fuel consumption.

Extended maintenance intervals save on operating costs.

Solid construction contributes to engine longevity. You’ll get years of life from your investment!

Diesel Engine Generators for 3-phase Irrigation Pumps

Do you have a 3-phase irrigation pump? Then we have a diesel-powered irrigation generator for you. Built for unwavering reliability, our DynaQ® prime power 3-phase  irrigation generators provide uninterrupted water flow to your fields. It’s performance you can count on!

3-Phase Generators for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Are power lines far from your field? Do you need a stand-alone energy source to water your crops? Our DynaQ® prime power 3-phase diesel generators provide a reliable power supply to drive your center pivot irrigation system.

Customer Testimonial

Allyn from Long Island, NY recently replaced an outdated irrigation power unit with a Tier 4 FPT diesel engine from HooverTec. When asked how satisfied he is with the new engine, Allyn responded with a 10, meaning extremely satisfied. Allyn wrote that he would recommend his Tier 4 FPT diesel engine to others because it is “quiet, fuel efficient, and reliable.” Allyn also gave HooverTec a 10 for the customer support and assistance he received from HooverTec during the purchase and installation process.

Irrigation Power Unit FAQs

We specialize in sales and service for FPT, Yanmar, and Kohler.  We also sell and service John Deere engines and provide service for most other major brands.

We provide service throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, VA & WV

Yes, we can ship throughout the US and Canada.

Yes. We have our standard units, but we can custom-build to whatever your specifications may be.

We are not a supplier of irrigation pumps. However, we can work with your irrigation specialist and provide a power unit that is ready to bolt on, or we can bolt a power unit onto a pump that your specialist supplies.

Yes, we specialize in prime power generators for demanding applications that operate continuously.

Standby generators are designed for only 50-100 hours of use per year. The components specified in a standby generator are typically of a lower grade than what we use on our prime power generators, which frequently operate 3,000 hours per year and up to  8,000+ hours per year for around-the-clock applications. Additionally, the emissions certification requirements are different for a prime power generator.

The sizing of the engine is critical for long engine life and optimum efficiency. We can work with your irrigation pump supplier to determine the size of the engine you need.

Typically, yes. Most of our engines have the option to run a generator in addition to a direct-coupled irrigation pump.

An engine for either fuel source can work well. Typically, a diesel engine is engineered for longer life.

Most engines can work fine without a roof for a time. But for optimum longevity, construct a roof over the unit.

Typically, you can replace your existing unit with an identical remanufactured unit. Contact our sales representative to discuss your options. If you upsize or install a new engine, a Tier 4 engine will be required. However, we do have some availability of new “old stock” Tier 3 irrigation power units.