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Engineering Services: Developing Customized Engine & Application Solutions

Harness a half-century of power system experience with engineering services and expertise in engine application, design, & testing.

Dependable engine application requires a solid foundation of design, confirmed with rigorous testing. Our design and engineering group utilizes 3D CAD software to design and analyze complex packaging. Transforming ideas for innovative designs into 3D representations helps to visualize the end product and confirm the design. We use electrical system design software to fully integrate the mechanical and electrical components. We will assist in navigating the ever-changing complexities of today’s mechanical, electrical, and emissions equipment to integrate an optimized power solution into your machine.

Diesel engine engineering

Things work better with purposeful design​

Early stage planning and engineering is the secret behind every great product. Purposeful design can increase the efficiencies of the build process and improve the product with things like reduced structural stresses, improved service access points and extended maintenance intervals on a machine.

Testing: your key to quality control and repeatable performance

Our engineering team offers a suite of product testing equipment and services. We have a dynamometer test cell and perform generator load banking service at our location. Data logging and field application review are among the services our skilled engineering staff bring to your application.

We can help with that.

Our team serves most diesel application needs–ask us for a full list of services we offer. From ag, industrial and electric generation to a wide variety of mechanical applications, we have you covered.

Advanced Emissions Solutions

Our team is especially equipped for implementing the latest in Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment technologies. Product lines we offer and service are best in their class for these technologies. We’ll help you explore your options, such as Compact DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), Engine-mounted PM CAT (Particulate Catalyst) and DOC+SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

complicated wiring


While it is recognized that machines typically have very little area to accommodate the aftertreatment, it is important to be located as close as possible to the engine to utilize the heat of the exhaust gases to maintain proper temperature in the aftertreatment devices. Some engines will have relatively small, engine mounted, aftertreatment which can simplify design.

Performing an application review is required to ensure the engine is integrated into the application, per manufacturer’s specifications. It is important to ensure proper performance, emissions compliance, and warranty coverage.

At HooverTec, we are passionate about serving our customers. Whether you are looking for 1 or 20 genset or power units, we are ready to listen and provide our expertise to help you get powered up.

Yes, we know efficiency is important, and HooverTec has detailed information regarding the fuel consumption as well as other engine/alternator specs for each model. Please refer to our product specs page for more information, or contact a HooverTec representative via our online form.

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