Diesel Engines

YANMAR has manufactured over 15 million diesel and gas engines since 1933. These engines power a multitude of different industries from agriculture, to industrial, to marine and just about everything else in between.

At YANMAR great pride is placed on producing reliable and efficient engines that get the job done consistently. The focus on designing highly efficient engines results in a reduced carbon footprint, which benefits everyone.

Looking for a power supply that has high-performance technology, and maximum engine life? Look no further, you are right in YANMAR’s wheelhouse and their reputation is legendary. Here engines are developed, perfected and tested under extreme conditions, then backed by an impressive engine warranty.

TNV Series Engine

The Total New Value (TNV) engine series comes in 2-cylinder, 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder water cooled versions with a four-cycle, inline configuration. Big power from a small package offers Tier 4 compliance right out of the box. The first ladder frame cylinder block in its class allows the MINIMAX series to produce less noise and vibration than competing engines. Its perfect size means ease of installation into a variety of equipment.

Industrial and Generator Engines

YANMAR provides the option of horizontal and vertical water-cooled diesel engines for industrial and generator use, also available as power pack. Water-cooled engines contain enclosed radiator systems for cooling. These enclosed systems create additional insulation around the motor making them quieter than their air-cooled counterparts. They warm up quickly, so where speed is a factor, liquid cooled engines are a major plus. They also maintain engine temperatures with ease, and therefore maintain engine performance and emissions with ease. These enclosed loop systems ensure that even when your YANMAR engine reaches peak levels of heat, it is up to the task at hand.