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Diesel Engines for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Applications in Agriculture, Construction, and Beyond!

A Rugged Lineup of Diesel Engines for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Engineered To Efficiently Meet Emissions Requirements.

The best-in-class, industry-leading engine manufacturers we use for our product lines – such as FPT and Kohler diesel engines – meet our high standards for reliable performance and durability. That’s good news for our customers! We’re here to help you win!

Today’s engines are fully integrated with the machine. Tier IV / Stage V diesel engine standards can be daunting. But the clean air and quiet engine are well worth the challenge. That’s why we offer design assistance and engineering capabilities that will make it easy for you to integrate the perfect engine for your application. Our engineers are highly qualified and understand how to help you meet or exceed emissions compliance, while optimizing efficiency and power.

Are you ready to team up to create the ideal customized diesel power unit for your unique application? We’re at your service!

Diesel Engines For Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Applications In Agriculture, Construction, And Beyond!​

Steps to Creating a Custom Power Solution

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1. Understand Your Power Needs.

Define your goals for the ultimate power system. Our engineering team will assist in designing an efficient, Tier IV or Stage V emissions-compliant solution.

concept drawing of a diesel engine

2. Deliver a Concept Drawing.

Using high-powered technology, our engineering team will create a 3D concept drawing. We’ll review this with you and explain the logic behind the design.

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3. Roll Out Your New Application.

Finally, unveil your custom diesel-powered machine. We’ll take time to deliver training, answer questions or offer any tech support you need.

FPT Engine
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Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) Diesel Engines

We offer FPT engines with ratings ranging from 49 hp (37 kw) to 910 hp (670 kw). The FPT high-performance industrial strength engines are known for having the best-in-class emissions solution. FPT is a worldwide leader in diesel engine technology, powering Case, Case IH, and New Holland equipment among many other brands.

With performance that exceeds expectations, this engine will keep you rolling in a broad range of applications including agriculture, construction, gensets, and beyond. It is the epitome of top diesel technology efficiency without compromise.

FPT Industrial, a brand of Iveco Group N.V., is one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world. FPT, a CNH brand, is a Market Leader with 10 plants and 8,000 employees. They sell over 30,000 engines annually.

FPT’s roots go as far back as 1903, when the first truck engine was produced. In, FPT produced engines and axles and transmissions.

FPT engines are known for their first-class power-to-weight ratio. Multiple configurations are available to best fit your application. These clean-burning diesel engines — even with Tier 4 / Stage V emissions compliance — retain impressive fuel efficiency

From 49 hp (37 kw) to 910 hp (670kw), our FPT engine model choices can be used in a wide range of applications. Forklifts, wood chippers, snow plows, irrigation water pumps, air compressors, and generator sets. These are only a few of the power generation and industrial applications where FPT engines are put to the test and proven true, time and time again.

diesel engine aftertreatment system

FPT has developed one of the simplest, yet one of the most effective, exhaust aftertreatment systems on the market. It looks good too, taking up a relatively low amount of space. Our Tier IV and Stage V products have optimized combustion processes that can, in many cases, allow for downsizing the engine, which improves power density and fuel efficiency. Most models are regen-free.

Kohler engine

Compact and Efficient Kohler Diesel Engine Power

Kohler’s KDI range may be the ultimate power choice for your smaller machine application. The compact Kohler diesel engines available from HooverTec are rated anywhere from 10 hp (7.5 kw) to 141 hp (105kw). The latest model features lower noise and vibrations yet more power than ever before, and the smaller footprint of these high quality diesel engines is truly remarkable. Most models using a simple oxidation catalyst aftertreatment approach with passive regeneration, simplify the most difficult applications while remaining environmentally friendly.

John Deere, Yanmar logo collage

Yanmar & John Deere: Multiple Diesel Engine Brand Options for Any Power Application

No matter the application you’re working on, we want to identify the ideal diesel engine solution for you. We’re pleased to not only offer FPT and Kohler power solutions but Yanmar and John Deere brands as well. Explore those brand options in the links below.

Hoovertec staff giving engineering support

Engineering Support for Optimizing Diesel Power In Custom Applications

Customizing diesel powered solutions for your application is a passion of ours! We first thoroughly explore your application needs and expectations, then we develop your vision into a proof of concept that will make you feel confident about your engine solution. We enjoy working alongside our clients throughout the entire process — answering questions and discovering powerful solutions together.

Start Small, Grow Large With HooverTec Diesel Power

We delight in helping small OEM’s grow their businesses. Bring your ideas and prototypes, and we’ll get started powering them up. We’ll travel with you from initial testing all the way to production. All things start small. But if you are aiming for a distant star, we’ll do all we can to get you there.

Team up with HooverTec to find your ideal power solution.

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