Kohler Diesel

Can Tier 4-certified diesel engines be compact, reliable, and fluid efficient? Look no further than Kohler KDI series engines, the first Tier 4 engine without a DPF. Kohler found the answers in upgraded technology that enhances the combustion process, making it possible to manufacture a compact engine with significant performance. Besides this, the KDI series boasts outstanding fuel efficiency, reduced vibration and noise levels, extended service intervals, and ease of maintenance.

HooverTec focuses on sales, service, and diagnostics of Kohler diesel engines with a primary focus on these models:

  • KDI1903M and KDI2504M (generator specs only)
  • KDI1903TCR and KDI2504TCR

KDI-M Specs

Engines in the KDI-M series have a mechanical rotary fuel pump.

  • KDI1903M – A 3-cylinder diesel engine with 28 HP (max.) at 1800 rpm
  • KDI2504M – A 4-cylinder diesel engine with 39 HP (max.) at 1800 rpm


Engines in the KDI-TCR series are turbocharged, with a common rail fuel injection system and an oxidation catalyst after-treatment system.

  • KDI1903TCR – A 3-cylinder diesel engine with 56 HP (max.)
  • KDI2504TCR – A 4-cylinder diesel engine with 74 HP (max.)

Kohler Industrial Engine Specs & Informational Material



The common rail injection system is especially designed for heavy-duty ag, industrial, and construction uses. The electronic control unit (ECU) works together with the fuel injection system to optimize the combustion process, giving you an engine that is powerful and clean-burning.

Kohler Turbo Common Rail engines have the Kohler Flex Emissions Management system. Both the 1903 and 2504 meet US Tier 4 Final standards with an exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) and a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).