Repower Engines

Yanmar Repower Engines are an affordable solution to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible.

So, your machine is down?

What type of failure has your engine experienced? Oil starvation, low oil pressure? Sustained high coolant temperatures, overheated? Or maybe it is a catastrophic failure where rebuilding is not a feasible option? At HooverTec, we are dedicated to matching the best possible engine option with your needs, budget, and mechanical expertise. From short blocks to complete replacement engines, rest assured, when you spend your hard-earned money on a Yanmar replacement engine, you’re getting a brand new assembly. These units are built from the ground up in the same factory as your original engine. Because of the dedication Yanmar put into designing highly efficient machines, you can be sure the commitment they made to energy conservation will have a positive impact on your wallet as well as a sustainable impact on your carbon footprint. So, to eliminate disappointments down the road, forget the might fit’, the ‘should work’, and all the aftermarket counterfeits. While rebuilding your engine can be a good option in some cases, only a genuine factory repower guarantees the same quality and warranty as a new engine. When you go with all new OEM components, you’re buying into a company 15 million units strong, with an industry-leading warranty to guarantee years of uninterrupted, smooth-running PERFORMANCE. You shouldn’t have to work harder than your machine. Call HooverTec.

Short Block Engine

Short Block Engines include the crankcase and the complete rotating assembly, which includes the crankshaft, rods, pistons, etc.

*Requires experience and specialized tools

Yanmar Repower Engine
Head-Block-Crank Engine

Head-Block-Crank Engine

Head-Block-Crank (HBC) Engines include all the components from the short block with the addition of the cylinder head assembly.

*Experience is a benefit

3/4 Complete Replacement Engine

3/4 Complete Engines include all the components from the HBC Engines plus the gear case, oil pan, and fuel system. 

-Our Most Popular Selection-

*Requires minimal experience

Yanmar Repower Engine
Yanmar Repower Engine

100% Complete Replacement Engine

 The 100% complete engines include the flywheel and flywheel housing, engine fan, belt, and any accessories in addition to everything included with the 3/4 complete engines.

-The fastest option with the least down time-

*Typically needs no final assembly before installation

Looking for more options?

We also sell brand new Yanmar Diesel Engines.

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