Repower Engines

Yanmar Repower Engines are an affordable solution to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons to choose Yanmar Repower remanufactured engines, including lower upfront costs and shorter lead times. Additionally, reman engines use fewer raw materials and thus are more economically friendly than a brand-new engine. While rebuilding your engine can be a good option in some cases, only a genuine factory reman guarantees the same quality and warranty as a new engine.

Short Block Engine

Short Block Engines include the crankcase and the complete rotating assembly, which includes the crankshaft, rods, pistons, etc.

Yanmar Repower Engine
Head-Block-Crank Engine

Head-Block-Crank Engine

Head-Block-Crank (HBC) Engines include all the components from the short block with the addition of the cylinder head assembly.

3/4 Complete Replacement Engine

3/4 Complete Engines include all the components from the HBC Engines plus the gear case, oil pan, and fuel system. 

Yanmar Repower Engine
Yanmar Repower Engine

100% Complete Replacement Engine

 The 100% complete engines include the flywheel and flywheel housing, engine fan, belt, and any accessories in addition to everything included with the 3/4 complete engines

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We also sell brand new Yanmar Diesel Engines.

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