Diesel Engines, Parts, & Commercial Generators for Agriculture

Diesel engines are the workhorses of modern agriculture, powering field equipment, skid loaders, generators, and more. Because they are built tough and ready to withstand the demands of the farm, nothing beats the durability of a diesel engine to keep your operation running smoothly.

Diesel Engines

Are you looking for a replacement engine? HooverTec stocks a broad range of high-efficiency diesel engines from industry-leading manufacturers to meet your ag needs. And if you’re not sure what you need, our experienced techs will analyze your specific application and offer a powerful, optimized approach.

Diesel Engine Parts

Need parts to keep your operation running smoothly? HooverTec is your go-to diesel engine parts supplier. We know that downtime is challenging. That’s why we have common service parts like starters, alternators, belts, and hoses in stock. And if you’re into a larger project, we also have engine rebuild parts such as pistons and sleeves, crankshafts, oil pumps, and injectors.

Not only do we have the parts you need to get your diesel engine up and running, but we also have experienced personnel ready to give you knowledgeable answers.

working diesel engine

Diesel Generators for Farm Use

In modern agriculture, much of the work of raising livestock has been automated. That has a lot of positives, but it also means the success of ag operations depends on a steady flow of electric power. Thankfully, a stable power grid means US farmers have a reliable energy source. But it is not fail-proof. To ensure a seamless power supply, ag operations need reliable diesel generators for farm use.

How Important Is a Diesel Generator for Poultry Farm Use?

If the grid power fails, your livestock is your immediate concern. If you have a poultry operation, you know how critical a steady flow of electric power is to the well-being of your birds. Electricity operates the feed augers, water system, lights, and – most importantly – the ventilation system. But vehicle accidents, adverse weather, and natural disasters can all take their toll on power lines. And if the power fails, you have an emergency if you have no backup. Many birds can be lost in a short time.

Thankfully, a diesel generator for poultry farm use provides continuous power when the grid is down, allowing you to continue your daily activities and maintain proper living conditions for your flock.

Backup generators for other ag operations

Naturally, loss of power is a concern in other ag operations as well. Hog barns are similar to poultry barns in that they also need constant ventilation to bring in fresh air and to maintain a proper temperature. 

Dairy barns have a more open structure than poultry or hog facilities, but air movement is still necessary for the comfort and well-being of the herd, especially during the warm summer months. Dairies also have milking equipment and a refrigerated milk tank to worry about. No dairy farmer wants to think about missing milking time because of a power outage!

Diesel backup generators give you power security and ensure that you can keep taking good care of your livestock.

DynaQ Commercial Generators

We know that looking for an emergency generator can be a time-consuming headache. But when you’re searching for a standby system, you want peace of mind rather than more stress. Instead of searching, go to the experienced team at HooverTec for knowledgeable guidance and a reliable standby generator. 

Our DynaQ commercial generators solve your farm’s emergency power needs. HooverTec has turn-key emergency generator systems that meet application-specific emissions requirements. We also offer power system consulting, project design, and generator system sizing based on your load profile. We’ll help you get the configuration that is best for your application.

Our commitment to reliable power doesn’t stop there. We provide preventive maintenance to make sure your generator is always ready to go. And if your standby generator fails, you can call our emergency service line. Our service technicians are on-call for critical after-hours assistance and will quickly respond to your need. 

So stop worrying about power security for your farm! We’ll keep you running.