Power Up.
Minimize Downtime.

Diesel Engine Maintenance Services in Northeast USA

From preventive maintenance to diagnostics & system repair, our team is focused on keeping your diesel engine powered up.

With the complexities of today’s engines, it is critical to have an experienced team working on your diesel powered products. Extensive service capabilities have grown out of our diversified background in prime power installation and diesel engine sales. From complete engine rebuilds to electricity generation diagnostics and repair, our state-of-the art facilities and competent techs are the go-to for regional diesel & electric generator services. A fleet of heavily equipped service vehicles take the tech to the field for installation, preventive maintenance and emergency repair of regional prime and standby power customers.

A capable team behind you

Our technicians are trained and experienced in engine systems diagnostics–including air intake, exhaust, fuel, cooling, aftertreatment, electronic and mechanical diagnostics. Most importantly, our techs will be transparent with you about services needed and/or performed.

Combined with deep industry experience and brilliant engineering, our service background provides exceptional value for OEM development, diagnostics, and long-term support.

An Ounce of Prevention…

The old maxim is true! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Preventive maintenance is the secret “fountain of youth” for your engine and the application it powers. We serve our regional customers with annual or semi-annual system inspections and maintenance. We conduct fluid analysis, belt inspection/replacements as needed, as well as scheduled oil and filter changes to keep your machines in good health.

computer showing engine analysis

Onsite System Diagnosis & Repair

We know how precious your time is and how costly it can be to have your power systems down. We are focused on maximizing your uptime and minimizing your downtime. We offer onsite minor or major repairs in our local region for the brands we sell. This includes diagnostics on Tier IV / Stage V and previous Tier engines. You are guaranteed service for every item we sell.

Emergency Service

When an unexpected breakdown occurs and disrupts your schedule, we understand the importance of emergency repair to get you powered up again. Our entire team is passionate, highly trained, and knowledgeable about the power products and services we offer. With phone support or on-site service, our techs are on-call with well-stocked trucks and will quickly identify a solution to get you rolling.

computer showing dyno test

Extensive Service & Repair Facilities

We have full-service facilities and highly-trained technicians for diagnosing, rebuilding and assembling power systems. It’s part of our commitment to our valued customers. Our parts department, with a focus on maintaining extensive inventories, provides a strong support to our service department for agility and fast turnaround in completing service work.