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Standby Electricity Generation

Reliable Emergency Standby Generators

Storms and Disasters happen! HooverTec’s passionate, hard-working team is dedicated to providing you with power when your electric utility can’t. Emergency generator systems are your insurance against devastating losses of livestock, refrigerated merchandise, commercial production, or the daily conveniences that you rely on.

We are a single source provider of turn-key emergency generator systems that meet application specific emissions requirements. We offer power system consulting, project design, and generator system sizing based on your load profile.

Regardless if you are planning a new application or updating current equipment, we provide best-in-class power solutions to our clients supporting their agricultural, industrial, commercial, and lifestyle power needs. Our “best value” solutions strive to balance cost, operational performance, and overall risk.

Standby Generator for industrial or agriculture application.
Preventative maintenance on generator

Preventive Maintenance for Emergency Standby Generators

Consistent, preventive maintenance is essential to minimize disruptive breakdowns.

A thorough generator maintenance program is critical to ensure uninterrupted power when the grid goes down. 

A full engine service along with a thorough check of the battery system, control system, electrical connections, and automatic transfer switches will provide peace of mind throughout a power interruption.

Emergency tech for generators

Emergency Support

Did you know we have your back? When your emergency standby generator fails, you can call our emergency service line. Our on-call service technicians are quick to respond to a phone call and committed to get you powered up again.

Thankful business owner shaking hands with experienced tech

Experienced Team

When choosing your standby power system, you rely on experience. Our experienced team will help you assess your needs and provide you with the configuration that best fits your application. You’ll find that our standby solutions are as serious as the task they were designed for. Built for reliability and convenience, DynaQ® Standby Generator Systems will give you peace of mind for years to come.